Superflua Bono is a Swiss Brand creating and selling design objects and art pieces in the form of candles.

Its products aim to create a new path in the world of design by enclosing Art into everyday objects: wax candles.

Superflua Bono brings Art into people's homes. 

"Superflua Bono” is the Esperanto language translation for “Superfluous Goods”.

Invented over a century ago by Ludwik Zamenhof, Esperanto has always had the goal of global unity and the creation of a “community of speaker”.

As Esperanto is the biggest attempt in the history to find a universal language, Superflua Bono is the artistic idea of evoking emotions, thoughts and intense vibes in every humankind, no matter the country, culture, and religion.


To find his full expression, human being needs – by nature – superfluity as well. As food, fresh air and relationships are needed to survive, counter-intuitively superfluous goods become a necessity to nurture our own “I”.

What would life be without art, for instance?


This is a motto as well as the Mission Statement of Superflua Bono: in fact, the aim is to make Art accessible through the collaboration with contemporary artists and the use of unconventional materials, like wax.

Art to consumption full-fledged.


Before every candle reaches the customer, it goes through a long creativity process and quality check.
Every tiny detail reflects all the work the designer has put into them, and this is what makes this collection so special.